VPNDirect Review

VPNDirect is also offering VPN services just like many other VPN service providers. The supported protocol of this service provider is Open VPN. It supports shared as well as dynamic IP addresses. The account types for this service are Unlimited. The services terms details of this VPN Company may be read for information pertaining to Logging Policy. The VPN severs of this company are located in the United States of America, Netherlands, Germany as well as Hong Kong. Now let us have a quick look over some distinguished features of this VPN service provider.

A Few Distinguished Features

  • VPNDirect provides virtual privacy services that include web as well as VPN proxy. You can connect with any of the 12 servers being located around the globe.
  • The company also offers a free client support for Windows Vista, 7 as well as XP
  • The membership starts with a price of 9.99 dollars including a number of discount as well as saving offers
  • The company also offers a VPN free trial of 30 days up to 10 GB
  • The customers also get free 24/7 online live technical support
  • In addition to numerous distinctive features the VPNdirect is also very much cost effective.
  • The price of unlimited plan is only 9.99 dollars per month whereas a number of discounts and concessions are also available on quarterly, annual as well as 6 months plans.
  • The company allows two widely used tools as payment options that are Pay Pal as well as Credit Card.

VPNDirect Web Snap

Now let us have a quick view how the VPNDirect works.  The company owns a number of high quality servers around the Europe, America, as well as Asia that allows you to avoid the internet restrictions. Moreover, in contrast to many other VPN service providers, you do not experience any speed issues or low network performance. As you establish connection with the VPN server, the company assigns you a new IP address. This helps in hiding the details pertaining to your actual IP address as well as geographic location. In this way, you can also avoid different geographical restrictions as well as blocked content pertaining to specific countries. Moreover, all the ingoing as well as outgoing traffic to or from your personal computer is fully secured and encrypted.

Keeping in view above-mentioned distinguished features, everyone would love to make use of this useful service, now the question is how to get it. This is also very easy and simple; you may download the software using the official website of this VPN Company. You will also enjoy a free trial of not less than 30 days.

The free trial allows you to experience numerous exciting features for instance speed tests, server switching, scheduling of IP refresh and much more. Here, it is also worthwhile to mention that the company does not impose any bandwidth restriction on premium users. Similarly, if you encounter any problem at any stage you can get free technical support.