TotalVPN Review

Their offer is simple but strategic. In this TotalVPN review, you should understand that the VPN simply wants to serve its users with flexibility and easiness in accessing their favorite sites which have to be blocked due to various reasons. But it is not the only reason of TotalVPN’s presence.

Connected to more than 30 servers situated around the world, TotalVPN has the resource to provide great features and speed, along with unlimited bandwidth to their users. But more importantly, you are going to surf anonymously through internet channels.

TotalVPN’s features and services

What do you expect to know from this TotalVPN review? Well, we truthfully regard TotalVPN as a prominent VPN company, compared to the rest of its competitors. It offers fast-speed VPN connection and reliable customer desk to provide help to TotalVPN users.

But, it is also important to understand that we somehow find flaws on several key aspects. Well, we do not expect for even a single weakness to occur, yet we do not really have the resource to avoid it. However, thanks to its free subscription, that helps its new users to give it a try before really making sure whether or not they get to continue using TotalVPN’s services.

In addition, once you decide to get on with paid subscription, you are given option to pay for $2.99 per month for yearly subscription, $3.59 per month for six-monthly subscription or $4.49 per month for monthly bundle. Completed with 30-refund guarantee, TotalVPN is kind of great at its pricing.

The VPN can also be accessed from Windows, Mac OS, iOS , and Android. Moreover, three kinds of VPN protocols are available in options, from OpenVPN, PPTP to IKEv2. In regards to installation issue, TotalVPN does not keep so much trouble to hand over you. simple and quick, that’s how the setup will look like.

More Details on Security and Privacy

It is undeniable that when it comes to buying a VPN, you are going to make sure how powerful their security system is. With 33 servers located in 27 countries worldwide, TotalVPN users are given more flexible alternatives to try on server with the best speed and stability.

And, it turns out that they are pretty promising, with no remarkable issue on loading 1080p video and some heavy games. Yet, you may be going to find it low in quality as you are reaching Netflix shows on TotalVPN. Its 2Mbps speed cap seems to be friendly to web browsing limitedly.