Private Internet Access VPN for iPhone Review

With an increase in cyber-attacks, there is always a threat for your data and credentials being compromised. Using VPN for accessing the private internet is always good from a safety point of view. VPN apps for any of your iOS device gives you an ease to reach the required content with security and privacy. You can access public Wi-Fi, net banking without you data getting compromised.

While choosing a good VPN app for your iPhone or iPad here are the things which will help you to make a wiser decision.

1. Stability of internet speed while surfing.

When you connect to a VPN, it redirects your browsing from its available distant servers which are located in several places across the globe. Make sure to pay for a VPN which can provide you consistent speed while surfing so that your browsing is fast and uninterrupted.

2. Multiple platform support.

Look for a VPN app that supports multiple platforms Like iPhone, iPad, Mac, windows, Linux and so on. The benefit of choosing such VPN will help you with its versatility. Spending for VPN for all your devices individually will end you up spending too much on VPN apps.

These days there are many VPN apps available which provide you simultaneous using of single VPN account across multiple devices.

vpn iphone

3. Number of IP address available from VPN service.

Definitely, having good numbers of IP with VPN service providers is no loss. But imagine with the limited number of IP available, you won’t be able to keep switching the IP to keep your anonymity. With multiple IP availabilities from VPN service provider, will be easier to switch without leaving browsing trace behind.

4. Log tracking by your VPN providers.

Many times this information is not disclosed by the VPN providers and that so obvious as for why will the tell something that their users won’t like. Choose the VPN app which mentions about not keeping the log of the browsing of their users. Many VPN provider clearly mentions in their features for not logging your history which is always beneficial.

5. Easy to setup and use the VPN app.

With the increase in VPN apps, you do have the option to choose from the VPN to pay which is less of hassle. Obviously, you won’t like to keep on configuring and hovering through all different options while you just want to connect to a VPN when in public wifi and check your emails.

6. Ability to select the servers from the country you wish to.

Many VPN providers do not provide you with an option to choose the server location of the country it is located in. They only help you to connect you over VPN and access your favorite content. But if you are able to select the server location, it will also help you to search through the local news and data which is narrowed by search engines in different countries.

Now it’s obvious that there might not be a VPN app particular for iPhone and iPads which can fulfill all your requirements and even if it does, there can be a big difference in terms of plans and pricing. So go ahead and have a trial of all those VPN that you feel is right for you before you go ahead and purchase it.