Nokia 6385 / 6370 Review

The Nokia 6385 works on the AMPS 800 / CDMA 800 / CDMA 1900; hence called as tri-mode CDMA. At 127 gms, the phone is by no means light weight since the gizmos of today shudder at a three figure weight. The phone is block form factor and equipped with a Li-Ion battery. It has a talk time of 3.60 hours and a standby of 11 days. The antenna is of the extendable type, surprising since Nokia normally prefers the internal one. The phonebook has a size of 500 contacts and the ability to store multiple numbers for each contact. This means that the user can store 5 numbers for each entry besides 4 text entries.

The 6385 has been fitted with a Black & White LCD with a resolution of 96 x 65 pixels. This allows display of up to 5 lines of text at a time. The user has the option of selecting his ringing tone from the 35 fixed tones (preset) or downloading tones (Nokia compatible, available on order from our website). The 6385 has space for storing 10 custom ring tones. You can easily install antivirus software in this phone, such as McAfee. If you have a McAfee coupon code, you can get the price down a lot.
nokia 6385Standard features such as Calculator, Calendar, and Alarm are all present. The Alarm works even when the phone is switched off, and is supported by the snooze feature as well. Calculator comes with an in-built currency converter. The calendar is really important; has the storage space for storing 500 events, and can synchronize with the alarm to warn the user about a specific meeting or date when so required. Speaking of synchronization, the 6385 can synchronize with the PC using the Nokia PC Suite software. Ring tones as well as graphics can be transferred from the PC using the same method.

PC Synchronization is possible by two mediums. Either using the Infra red port or the USB port; both of which have been built in to the phone. Picture Messaging (don’t get excited I mean those Black & White pictures i.e. EMS not MMS) are supported. Nokia has included a number of games, which include the classics like Snake II, Space Impact & the lot. High-speed wireless data transfers can be achieved by the CDMA 2000 technology. Two way SMS enjoys full support and the T9 predictive text input technology is present. Mobile Chat has also been thrown in for good measure. There are about 15 text-messaging templates, which help make it easier for the user to create standard messages and send them immediately when required.

Other functions include a To-Do list (maximum 30 items may be stored, along with a priority listing). The Silent mode (which puts the 6385 in the vibration alert) is a useful tool especially in cases where privacy is required but at the same time, important calls are not to be missed. Voice based functions such as voice dialing, (25 entries) or voice memo (60 seconds maximum for one message with a total memory of 3 minutes of recording) have been included. The voice memo is also very useful since no more jotting down numbers or addresses and forgetting them, simply record and later store in secure place. Though voice dialing is required, surprisingly no speakerphone has been included. If the phone as I perceive it is meant for the working man / business folks then they will sorely miss a speaker function. The 6385 supports a number of different languages, which include English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese. Wireless Internet is present and based on the Openwave browser software.