F-Secure Anti-Virus 2014 Review

F-Secure Corporation was founded over 20 years ago. With time the company has grown to become one of the globally recognized, leading players in the market of Internet and mobile security. Its outstanding innovation in technology for evolving security threats has attracted both recognition and international awards in the industry. Fe-Secure produces security software for Android, Mac and Windows enabled devices.

It provides quick and light installation without you being unnecessarily questioned regarding any extension add-ons and toolbar offers. Once you’re through with the installation process, you will be introduced to the Launchpad. It is a central dock that functions by holding your F-Secure app just above the taskbar.

F-Secure logoF-Secure’s main window’s minimalistic approach consists of two buttons – (a) launch a scan (b) open settings window. The tool tab offers different scan choices where you can manually check for updates among many other things. The statics tab gives an overall view of the threats detected, blocked and cleaned from the system. This software contains Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam modules along with parental control and firewall feature. It guides its features as separate entities on the whole.

The product has progressed one step ahead for laptop protection. It involves inbuilt facilities such as Mobile security and Android app to state the location of the machine when it’s within the reach of a wireless link for remote data protection on a stolen laptop. It is enabled to provide parental control to a PC application. Content Blocker is an easy to understand application that helps the parents to manage and block the sites they think are not appropriate for children’s viewing. It runs its security checks in the background using minimal resources.

Feature like Firewall protection and Spam filtering has been incorporated in the software’s updated version of 2014. All its features concentrate on preventing infestations and removing malware. It divides its searches into four categories – Suspicious items, Spyware, Viruses and Riskware. Here viruses include dangerous malware and not just the virus in itself. You may control the scans by scheduling it as per your preference. The software adds DeepGuard to its features that flags suspicious behaviors and monitors running processes. Mcafee is another good alternative service. If you use Mcafee discount codes, you can get the cheapest price.

f secure interface

Having dedicated themselves to “protecting the irreplaceable”, as their slogan confirms, the company has maintained a high standard in the market with its up-to-date computing technology to detect all malware. You are bound to feel safe while using F-secure Security software. It is tested to prove supreme protection from malicious internet virus. This software is reliable and dependable giving high performance in computer protection. It successfully identifies all types of email and online phishing attempts by warning you from before hand when submission of password or personal information is done to a suspiciously behaving website.